Alternative Android user interfaces that didn't make the cut


Android is now available—yeah, it’s true—but you’re hard-pressed to find any review that raves about its user interface. (Ryan Block, of Engadget fame, called it “very raw” last week on Tekzilla, which is right on the money, I think.) But, in an alternate world, maybe where dogs walk people, these alternative user interfaces were developed.

The Astonishing Tribe, the same group that developed Android’s user interface, just published a handful of what-could-have-beens, mockups and in-progress alternative Android user interfaces. Some look better than others—Asia Cute looks tremendous, as does Open GLES—but all of them are worth checking out.

Given that Android is free as in freedom, perhaps some developer will create a user interface that doesn’t look like it was designed by committee. One can hope, at least.

via Gizmodo