Twine: "We Organize That Shit."

A year after launching its beta, Twine opened up today to the general public with a completely redesigned site. The relaunch got lots of coverage. Maybe you read some of it. Even if you did, you probably still don’t know what Twine does. Some semantic shit, right?

Exactly. Twine’s marketing department made the video above as a joke for their staff meeting today. (Warning:Turn the volume down, NSFW). In the voiceover, Candice Nobles, director of marketing at Radar Networks (which operates Twine) explains:

You use Twine to collect, find some shit, and share that shit with people you know. Twine ties it all together by topic, so you can have that shit in one place and it is easy for you to find it. You know what I’m sayin’?

I think that is the best explanation I’ve heard yet of what Twine does.

Click here to see the original version of the video.