Samsung announces the Epix for AT&T

The BlackJack series was a turning point for Samsung and solidified their place in the smartphone market among the major players until RIM got all fussy about the name and today they announced the Epix, which is basically the BJ III.

Stilll rocking Windows Mobile 6.1 the Epix ditches that obnoxious scroll wheel for an optical mouse. A handful of us at CG have seen it and it works quite well. You can also switch it to a four-way nav pad if you’re feeling old school. Or you can peck away at the screen using your phalange or use the built-in stylus. The Epix also comes with Wi-Fi, aGPS, 2-megapixel camera (video), AT&T’s video share and everything else the BlackJack 2 does. If you’ve got a 32GB microSD then drop that sucker in.

It’s available starting today for $200.