MySpace for Android goes live but where's the music?

Android’s first handset, the G1, will be hitting the market tomorrow and with it comes a slew of useful and useless apps. One of those useless apps happens to be from MySpace. Being the first major social network to do so means nothing when it brings nothing to the table. It’s essentially a mirror image of the iPhone app, but it’s nowhere near as fast when loading your inbox or pulling up photo galleries. So why do we even bother informing all of you about it? To point out the flaws, of course.

MySpace has been able to stay relevant because of their recent push into the music space and they were able to stream well over a billion tracks within a few days of launching back in September. That’s no small feat and it was executed well, but why not bring that to mobile handsets? If, Pandora and even Imeem can do it then why not MySpace? Is it in the works? More than likely, but Imeem is already in the Market and the rest are sure to follow. This looks like too little/almost too late.