Kyocera joins the Android-powered handset club

Love it or hate it, it’s pretty safe to assume that just about all of the big boys in the handset world are tinkering with the idea of bringing an Android device to the market (Well, except for Sony Ericsson. Or Apple.) Joining the confirmed list today is Kyocera, with an announcement that they are working with software optimization house Wind River to adapt Android to their needs.

According to today’s announcement, Wind River’s job is “to provide software systems integration services, including middleware and user interface integration, optimization of Android, and custom integration for technologies from other Open Handset Alliance members and third-party developers.” Based off of Kyocera’s lineup history, I’d wager that this means much of Wind River’s job is to prep Android for use on the smaller screen of a flip phone, or one of Kyocera’s QWERTY folders (a la Wild Card).

Kyocera’s not exactly known for wallet-destroying handsets, so it’d be surprising to see any devices come out of their labs with specs rivaling that of the G1 – we probably won’t see a touchscreen, at least. If nothing else, this solidifies the idea that we’ll be seeing CDMA Android handsets in the low-mid range market before too long.