Asus: Expect touchscreen Eee PCs early next year; Windows 7 Eee PCs soon after


The Asus Eee PC turned one year old the other day—people danced in the streets! Fun aside, the mag did get a chance to interview the company’s CEO, Jerry Sheen (that’s not him, by the way, just some random guy), to get his thoughts on the Eee PC, its future, etc.

The biggest news here is that Sheen admitted that a touchscreen Eee PC should be available by early 2009. Exactly what these Eee PCs will look like, what form factor they’ll take, he wasn’t prepared to divulge.

You might also be interested in knowing that the company plans to launch Windows 7-compatible Eee PCs by as early as mid-2009. And as we all know, Windows 7 won’t suck.