Opera Mobile 9.5 beta 2 released, supports widgets and UIQ

If you’re willing to tough your way through Beta browser territory, Opera’s got some goods for you to check out. This morning, they released Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta 2. Sure, it’s faster, and it’s more stable – but it’s also got some tricks up its sleeve.

This is the first mobile release to support Opera’s Widget platform, which allows users to install cross-platform, user-made add-ons to the browser. Right out of the box, 9.5b2 offers up widgets for AccuWeather, a clock, Twitter, a shopping list, and “Bubbles”, a funky little Tetris clone. To help get some Devs onto the Widget-making party bus, Opera has launched a $10,000 dollar challenge for the best cross-platform widget. First place gets five grand – so if you’ve got a bit of a dev background and an idea to roll with, best get to crackin’.

As an added bonus, this is the first Opera Mobile 9.5 release to support the Symbian UIQ platform. According to Download, they’ve also got a release for S60 hiding behind the scenes – but that one’s in probably-don’t-want-to-touch-it alpha form for the time being.

Check it out for Windows Mobile or UIQ here.