iLike Teams With TuneCore To Help Artists Sell Their Music

Popular music service iLike has teamed with TuneCore, a music distribution platform, to help artists promote and sell their music as easily as possible.

TuneCore (whose CEO thankfully seems to have stopped handling the site’s PR) actually has an intriguing business model. For a flat fee, TuneCore will help artists distribute their digital music to a collection of music stores that the company has forged deals with including Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, and iTunes. Prices vary depending on how many stores you wish to reach and if you’d like to sell a single song or an entire album, but they are very affordable and bands keep 100% of revenue (you can see the pricing guide here).

While TuneCore isn’t introducing many new features with the iLike tie-in (it has offered the service independently for some time), its increased exposure makes sense for both sites. iLike has geared itself as a platform for artists to promote themselves on Rhapsody as well as a variety of social networks like Facebook and hi5. Giving artists an easy way to sell their music is the next logical step.