Create No Download Screencasts In Seconds With ScreenToaster

New Paris based startup Iteria, Sarl has released ScreenToaster into private beta. The service is to screen capture software what Tokbox is to Skype – most of the functionality you need, without any downloads.

The demo video below, which was created with the software, shows how easy it is to use. Click start, bring up a different website, and click a Option-S to record. Hit Option-S again to stop recording, and it is instantly uploaded to the site in Flash for review and, if you like it, publishing. You can also set the screen recording size manually with a different key combination. And you aren’t limited to recording web pages, you can move the recording area off browser.

The service is written as a Java web applet and works on any OS that has the Java runtime. Vides can be embedded and viewed with the Flash plugin, like any online video service.

Recorded with

There are some other services like ScreenToaster. Screencast-O-Matic, for example, has similar functionality and also allows the export of videos and audio recording – a glaring omission for ScreenToaster. The ScreenToaster guys are working to add audio, subtitles and other features before launch, though.

And the ease of use is just awesome. It takes literally seconds to create and publish a screencast. I’ve done a lot of these, and I know what a pain they are with client software, editing and uploading.

If you want to be added to the beta, leave your email here.