Review: Philips Sonicare Flexcare Toothbrush

I like Sonicare brushes. They don’t tear up your gums – too badly – and they make funny noises when you brush your teeth. Philips updated their Sonicare line with this interesting new system which is much more like traditional motorized toothbrushes although it does offer considerably more vibration and three buzz settings – regular, gentle, and the erotically-themed massage.

I’ve used Sonicare for a few years now and this update makes the brush tips much smaller and the body a bit thinner and more usable. I’m not sure you get the same effect as the original magnet-on-magnet system used in the magnetic models, but if you know someone who needs to brush their teeth – ahem, ME! – it’s something to consider. Sadly, the kit costs $169 or so online so you might need to scrimp on toothpaste to afford it.

Bottom Line:
Nice clean but a bit pricey.