Review: Casio Oceanus OCWP500 watch

The Casio Oceanus OCWP500 watch might appeal to geeks and ocean-bound divers alike. The solar-powered, atomic, titanium, auto calendar, chronograph watch strikes a chord with my inner gadget-loving self, but the overall design doesn’t float my boat – but it might yours.

This is one busy watch from the face to the functions. It features an alarm, a timer, a stopwatch all powered by a solar panel. Just like almost every other multi-function watch though, these features are buried underneath layers of multi-button presses and require a certain level of technical patience. Even setting the correct time involves reading the manual to ensure the watch is set to correct time zone and day light savings setting since the watch is atomic powered and doesn’t have a crown to adjust manually. 

Once you get past all these functions, the watch does have a nice look. It’s a tad busy for my taste and somewhat hard to read in the dark since so many of the little hands and markings glow in the dark. But maybe that’s the look you like to sport on your wrist. Thanks to a titanium band, clasp and bezel plating, the watch is a lot lighter than it looks. And just as you can expect from a pricey watch, the watch has scratch-resistant sapphire glass over the face.

Casio calls it a diving watch, but chances are you’re not going into the water with this one – it’s not like you’re driving a F1 car with your Tag either. The OCWP500 is a Japanese movement watch for the price an entry-level Swiss timepiece with an MSRP of $1,195, but you’re not going to find a Swiss watch with the atomic and solar-powered features. If that’s what you’re looking for in a timepiece, and dig the busy face, this watch is for you. As for me, way too much going on the face for my simple style.