In comments, Tweeter employees are just like us

In response to our post on Tweeter shutting down, a brave Tweeter employee dropped us a line:

I’m a Tweeter Employee, and let me tell you firsthand, our management is 100% responsible for our failure. They sit in the Glass Palace up in Canton MA, where it seems every two weeks they change the companies direction. Last week we were supposed to be Crestron Dealers who gave $60K estimates without flinching. This week we’re now supposed to bash the competition and sell only AUDIO. They actually TOLD US to not expect anyone to “just want a TV”. These guys are FOOLS!!! Have they not SEEN a Best Buy parking lot? Unless I missed a recent influx of ka-gillionaires, things are tough out there. This last chapter of Tweeter will hurt customers who actually want to know what they are buying, but we’ll be remembered by having a management that didn’t actually know what we were selling. Way to fuck it up Canton…

PS- Our Insurance has recently been set to expire January 1st, supposedly to be taken over by a new policy. I’m sure that new policy is C.O.B.R.A.

Lol… thank god i’ve got a job offer elsewhere.

Let it out, friend. Let it out.