Verizon Wireless, AT&T gave cellphone towers to John and Cindy McCain


Did John and Cindy McCain use their telecom industry connections to have a cellphone tower built right by one of their many houses in order to improve signal strength? That’s what the Washington Post implies.

It seems the McCain’s Sedona, Ariz. ranch didn’t have the best cellphone reception in early 2007, so Cindy—what was that word John called her? Begins with a C…—asked Verizon Wireless to construct a tower nearby. After looking into the logistics of constructing a permanent tower, VZW balked, instead opting to install a temporary tower. These types of towers are used when a spike in cellphone activity is anticipated: a big sporting event or, here, a presidential campaign.

AT&T later helped out similarly.

There’s several things going on here. One, when was the last time VZW or AT&T went above and beyond for you, the average person out there? Do you live in an area with spotty cellphone coverage? Too bad.

Then there’s the whole issue of John McCain being a member of the Senate Commerce Committee, which overseas the FCC and, by extension, the likes of VZW and AT&T. Is that a conflict of interest?

Now I have to ask: does anyone, really, in their heart of hearts, actually care? Seems like the same old non-story that fills the cable news networks all day long.