Review: Dyson DC25 vacuum

Oh. My. Gawd. I love this Dyson vacuum. It works so damn well and looks great doing it. Some people aren’t going to like this analogy, but it reminds me of the first time I used my PowerMac G4: it simply works and feels like it’s going to last forever. I’m not the one that vacuums in my house so with the hope of not sounding misogynistic, I handed the Dyson over to my wife and later, mother-in-law, for a more in-depth analysis.  

My house has never been this clean. When we first received the Dyson, my son helped me put it together and my wife took it on it’s first test drive; and boy, did she put some miles on it. She quickly discovered that every piece of hard plastic was placed on this Dyson for a reason. The rear wheels are placed farther out for not only non-vacuuming movement, but also stability when the attachment hose is in use. The rollers stop when the vacuum is placed upright. The ball rolls, well, like a ball and the filter is washable. Once again, it simply works well, and does so like no other vacuum we have ever used.  

So then my mother-in-law borrowed the Dyson and pitted it against her heralded Kerby. She found the ball design awkward at first but also enjoyable once she discovered how it rolls. The Dyson passed the classic door-to-door salesman test of picking up what her Kerby left behind. Basically, she only had one gripe about the Dyson DC25: the hose. It was kind of hard for her to use. 

My wife and I found the attachment hose easy, but my mother-in-law couldn’t use it at all due to her bad shoulder. The hose is long, but also features a very strong outer coil that is kind of tough to pull. I understand why it’s so tight as you don’t want your expensive Dyson’s attachment hose to be all loosey-goosy on ya, but my mother-in-law could not use it and is a deal breaker for her.

Speaking of the hose, the two little attachment tools show how well this vacuum is designed. They snap into their own little compartments with – I can’t believe I’m going to say this – style and grace. Seriously! Take your standard Hoover vacuum. At least on the ones I have used, these little tools seems haphazardly designed and placed on the rear panel, but on the Dyson, it’s like the whole vacuum was designed around these parts. In fact, that’s how the entire DC25 feels. 

I can’t vouch for suction longevity but this vacuum knows how to get the job done. I have a little fetish about a clean, well-vacuumed floor, and this Dyson does it for me. This model is designed for all flooring types and a button switches off the front brush so it worked great on my living room’s hardwood floor.

The only other criticism the three of us could come up with is that the ball is located so close to the front brush holder that you cannot vacuum underneath tables and chairs as easily as other vacuums. With that being said, I love this thing. 

Yeah, the Dyson DC25 retails for $499, but until you give it the ‘ol college try, don’t knock the price. It rocks and to my utter surprise, well worth the price.