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Sega Toys Japan introduces mini jukebox for home use

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Sega Toys Japan today announced they will start selling a mini jukebox [JP, PDF] on October 22. The $300-device is Japan-only at this point.

Sized at 200×160×340mm (weight: 2kg), the audio player comes pre-loaded with 20 classic songs from the Universal Music group such as Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world”. Just like with a real jukebox, users can operate the Sega version with coins (100 Yen coins only).

After choosing a song, a small arm will get one of the miniature records stored in the jukebox and “play” it, along with a preceding scratch noise. The jukebox also features an SD card slot with 1GB capacity and comes with an 8cm-speaker (1.3W).

Mainly aiming at Japanese fans of 50s and 60s music, Sega hopes to sell 20,000 jukeboxes yearly (the official homepage in Japanese is here).

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