NetTansorWeb: Meet Bandai's awesome blogging robot

Bandai showcased an update to its 2006 NetTansor robot at this year’s Robo Japan [JP] conference (that ended yesterday). The so-called NetTansorWeb robot [JP], which is made for home use, can be controlled remotely via WiFi and comes equipped with cameras and motion sensors to avoid obstacles .

The robot can be used for surveillance (it’s even able to send video to your cell phone when you are on the road), keeps you informed with the latest news from the web (via RSS) and can help you blog.

Bandai says the NetTansorWeb can help users upload pictures to blogs, scan comments and respond to requests coming from readers. If, for example, someone writes a comment in which he or she wants to see a certain part of a picture posted in an article more clearly, the robot will parse the text and react accordingly.

The NetTansorWeb has a battery life of 2.5 hours and is sized at 190x160x160mm. Bandai plans to sell the Japan-only robot in December for $500.