Flash Web Editor Wix Raises $3.5 Million, Shows Signs of Early Growth

Today, Wix announced that it raised a $3.5 million series B round From Mangrove Capital Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners. The Israeli startup offers a Web-based Flash editor for making artful widgets and Websites, but without losing any SEO juice. (I’ve embedded two examples below).

The service has been showing some healthy growth since it launched in public beta last June. Co-CEO Allon Bloch tells me that Wix just crossed the 200,000-user mark, and is adding between 2,000 and 3,000 a day. These users are creating 2,000 new Web pages and widgets every day (the split is about 75/25 in favor of full-blown Web pages on MySpace and elsewhere).

In September, says Bloch, Wix content across the Web generated 20 million pageviews, up from 13 million in August. (Only a small fraction of that was on Wix.com itself). The U.S. makes up 50 percent of traffic. After that, the biggest countries for Wix are France, the UK, Brazil, and Canada.

Boch has a simple business plan: charge $5 to $10 a month for premium features that appeal to businesses and designers such as removing the Wix logo and letting them connect the Web pages to their domains.

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