Zuckerberg: Facebook Connect will be delayed for "months"

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After previously hinting that that Facebook Connect would be coming shortly after early to mid-October Mark Zuckerburg said on stage at FOWA today that the official, out of beta, launch was still “months” away. Unlike the fairly quick launch of the F8 platform, he said they were going for an “extended beta”.

When asked by Ryan Carson on stage at FOWA when Connect would arrive, Zuckerburg said: “We hope just as soon as possible. Some time in the next few months.”

He was also asked about Facebook using location on mobile devices like the iPhone. However, he basically dodged the question.

While he acknowledged that “people are using mobile devices more and more” to update their status and share content into Facebook, he didn’t go any further.

Most observers think that if Facebook released a mobile social app which was location aware it would adversely affect most MoSo startups, to put it mildly.

  • http://ontechnology.wordpress.com/ Robleh

    If anyone thinks they aren’t taking FB mobile they are insane.

  • http://blogtillyoudrop.wordpress.com Lolly

    There’s already a German service on the market that does that – it’s called Aka Aki I believe, and uses bluetooth to locate connections and friends….

  • Muhammad Seedat

    I was there – he didn’t say ‘delayed for months’ – he said it would come in the next few months – sensationalist headline

  • steve

    I don’t remember him saying that it would be delayed either.

  • http://www.willswarez.info Free Online Games Here

    Ive heard theres something out like this already.

  • http://www.recentnews.co.uk/ Alex

    I think this is a daring assertion.

  • http://fakesteveballmer.blogspot.com steveballmer

    I’ll see what I can do about speeding this up.

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