YouTube/MacBook hilarious comments round-up

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I enjoy any well-articulated, insightful, and/or hilarious comments left here on CrunchGear very much but I really, really get a kick out of the crazy-ass, aggressive, maniacal comments left on YouTube videos. Hit the jump to read some comments left about the probably-fake MacBook video that surfaced earlier this morning.

Just a warning that there’s some harsh language…

From user mnbcccn’s account on YouTube:

  • I want to kill whoever made this piece of crap
  • Let’s hunt this person down and do some good old fashion water torture…
  • fucking attention whore. waste of time, if that was real he wouldnt be covering the keyboard and the camera wouldnt be outta focus, fucking piece of shit wasting ppl’s time
  • you are taking the piss right???

From our CrunchGear account on YouTube:

  • Is This the New Macbook? IF DON’T KNOW YOU, IT WOULD KNOW FROM US???????
  • covering the KB proves its a fake, what a tard
  • who’s the jack-ass that made this video? Horrible! Fake.
  • That’s the MacBook Air. Just wait until fucking Tuesday for fucks sake!
  • This is a shop. You can tell by the pixels. And I’ve seen a lot of shops in my time.
  • I agree, a stinking shop. You can tell by the pixels. And I’ve seen alot of pixels in my time….
  • i am getting this ASAP!

My favorite is the “I want to kill whoever made this piece of crap” comment.

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