Twinned MP3 player: Now you and that special someone can share the same playlist


My word, actual innovation coming for a digital audio player. It’s certainly been a while.

It’s called the Twinned MP3 player, and its gimmick is that it’s actually two separate players joined at the hips, so to speak. Each half of the player is a fully functional player; both half contains the same playlist of music, a playlist that’s controlled by an online server. So when Person A adds a song to the online playlist it doesn’t become “official” until Person B syncs their player.

The idea here is that the two players will always have the same playlist, so, presumably, you and your friend will always be listening to the same music. Perhaps you and your special girl have a song that reminds you of some important event in your relationship—well now you’ll always have that song with you, together.

It’s designed by one Liberty Fearns, but the odds of it go into mass production? Eh.