CrunchDeals: Garmin nuvi 350 GPS for $180


Prices for portable GPS devices seem to be dropping like people’s pants at a pants store where there’s some sort of insane pants sale, except you really want to try the pants on before you buy them because you can’t return them due to the insanity of the sale prices. Take the Garmin nuvi 350, for instance. Amazon’s got it for $180, which Navigadget says is down from its selling price of almost $500 last year.

nuvi-4-sm The nuvi 350 is smaller than it looks and can be used to listen to audio books and MP3 files, effectively making it double as a portable audio player. It’s got 700MB of on-board storage, which can be expanded via SD cards.

Battery life is good for 4 to 8 hours depending on how you’re using the device and the display is a 320×240 resolution touchscreen.

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