iPhone flaw could expose your text messages to others


There’s a flaw in the way the iPhone (with the latest firmware, mind you) handles supposedly secure text messages. Here, a secure text message is one that says something along the lines of, “You have a new text message” when it initially flashes across the screen. Insecure text messages are, “Hey, dude, are we still going to get smashed later tonight?” (Yes.)

When the iPhone is in emergency call mode, any and all text messages flash across the screen plain as day. So if you’re trying to prevent, say, your siblings or foils from reading your text messages, all they’d have to do is put the phone in emergency call mode.

You remember that other flaw, right? Henny Penny, indeed.

I hesitate to call this a full blown security flaw because, come on, it’s not. The “attacker” still needs physical access to your phone in order to put in it emergency call mode. If you can’t physically secure your iPhone then you might as well consider the whole thing wide open.

You’re inviting trouble is all I’m saying.