Tweetdeck releases new version. Twitterholics rejoice.

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My new favourite Twitter desktop AIR application (a UK product), Tweetdeck, has released a new version and overall it’s a doozy.

Lone developer Iain Dodsworth has made the interface is much cleaner, and has more useful icons. It has some UI tweaks like rolovers, a bunch of new URL shortening services so you can pick the one you like most. Thankfully, now the Tweet box background color goes red when there are less than 0 chars left.

Plus, there’s another update to come at the end of the week! Life is good.

  • Richard

    Yeah this update is a real improvement. I had kept trying TweetDeck since its launch, but always returned to Twhirl. With this release I think TD may have just won me over.

  • Simon McDermott

    Its nice, using it already, I am a never a fan of that Black look, but just being fussy. I had slight problem when exporting URL that the underline kept on going when I wanted to write more on the tweet. Otherwise it is very useful. Simon

  • Simon McDermott

    There is a URL shortening problem, I have tried three times with different URLs

  • Ginger Wilcox

    I have been avoiding tweetdeck- seems like an app for twitteraholics – but alas, I gave in with this new version. But I am still in denial.

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