ZoomProspector Launches To The Public To Help Businesses Relocate

ZoomProspector, the free site that allows businesses to search nationwide for the best places to relocate, has launched to the public. When we first introduced the site in April, we likened it to a Zillow for businesses.

ZoomProspector rates cities across the country by a number of relevant criteria, including proximity to airports, commute times, demographics, or the availability of venture capital in the area (you can also choose to exclude some of these items if they aren’t important to you). One of the more useful search functions is the ability to see what other businesses operate in the vicinity, so businesses can determine if they’re going to be working close to a competitor, or even a potential client. Once a business has found an appropriate city, it can view individual properties that have been added by real estate agents.

The site is a product of GIS Planning, a company that specializes in geographic information system applications for government and community organizations.