Gmail's Mail Goggles prevents you from sending drunken e-mails


Oh, Google. The company has just launched Mail Goggles, a feature that helps prevent you from making a drunken ass out of yourself when using Gmail. When turned on (it’s an optional feature), it asks you to confirm that you really want to send an e-mail. By default it’s only active late nights during the weekend, when people are most likely to send embarrassing drunk e-mails.

When you go to send an e-mail, you’re presented with a screen that asks you to compute some math equations. The idea is that you se the math problems, get at least one of the answers wrong and then Gmail will say something like, “Hey, drunk idiot, you’re drunk. You really shouldn’t be sending e-mails now.”

And thus, you’re saved from looking, and feeling, like a total fool in the morning.

If you drink so much that you can’t even operate a computer when you get home then you won’t need this.