Geode: The New Geo-Tagging Project From Mozilla Labs

Update: More information has been released here.

Tomorrow Mozilla will launch a new geotagging project called Geode into Mozilla Labs that promises to leverage your physical location to enhance your overall browsing experience. More details will be provided in an official post tomorrow, but this is what we know already:

Geode is a Firefox add-on that understands location, enabling enriched, personalized, and localized content.

For example with Geode, a user who is looking for restaurants while they are out of town will be able load up their favorite review site and find suggestions a couple blocks away and plot directions there.

It’s unclear how Firefox actually intends to determine a user’s location, especially since Mozilla doesn’t have a mobile browser that could provide GPS data. How web apps are supposed to leverage the plugin is also yet to be seen.

Geode joins the recently announced Labs projects Ubiquity and Snowl. We’ll post more details as soon as we get them.