DSi and DS Lite will ‘coexist’ (at least initially)

dsco 1

More and more info is trickling out relating to Nintendo of America’s plans for the just-announced DSi. One of the bigger nuggets of information to come out of Wired’s interview with NOA’s Cammie Dunway (you may remember her from the company’s so-so E3 press conference) is that, as it stands right now, the DS Lite and DSi will “coexist.” That is to say NOA doesn’t have any plans to kill the DS Lite as soon as the DSi is released.

She says:

Right now we’re still working through what the strategy’s going to be here. But we think that there’s huge untapped potential for the DS Lite…. So I think there’s opportunity for both of them to coexist for some period of time.

Right, well how many people actualy thought Nintendo was going to kill the DS Lite right away? The same thing happened toward the end of the GameBoy Advance’s life: the DS shows up, both “coexist” for a little while, and before you know it your SP is collecting dust.