Electric Delorean on eBay, possible Flux Capacitor too


So you could bid on this converted-to-electric Delorean like everyone else or you could use the Buy-It-Now option, which will get you – wait for it – a free Flux Capacitor. The current bidding is at around $16,000 and the Buy-It-Now price is set at $100,000. Keep in mind, though, that the Flux Capacitor allows you to time travel.

The car itself is powered by 13 batteries running at 12-volts and 100 amps each. The motor controller can supply up to 1,000 amps to the electric motor, which will get you a top speed of over 88 miles per hour. Travel distance is 40 miles on a single charge and recharging takes 2-3 hours on a 220-volt plug or eight hours using a standard 110-volt household outlet.

[eBay via Jalopnik]