EA doesn't think BitTorrent downloads of Spore mean lost sales


Plenty of people have downloaded Spore using BitTorrent, but EA doesn’t seem too concerned. Because on Earth 2, where EA is apparently based, people downloading torrents of the game doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is being downloaded.

Nope, that makes no sense to us, either.

Says an EA rep:

Stepping aside from the whole issue of DRM, people need to recognize that every BitTorrent download doesn’t represent a successful copy of a game, let alone a lost sale…. We’ve talked to people that made several unsuccessful attempts to download the game and ended up with incomplete, slow, buggy or unusable code. In one case, a file identified as Spore contained a virus.

Well, I’d like to meet, interview, then tease the person who’s not able to hop on The Pirate Bay, type in “spore,” then have a fully working copy of the game in a few minutes.

Perhaps EA should re-consider using SecurROM, lest it run into more of this piracy nonsense.