Treo Pro, Pearl Flip 8220, T-Mobile G1 show up in Best Buy's inventory system

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Thanks to an especially sneaky Best Buy employee with access to the company’s retail stock system and a liking for the Boy Genius Report, we now know when to expect a few new handsets to arrive in the land of the blue polo.

The only new non-smartphone making an appearance is the 5 megapixel Sony Ericsson C902, which actually managed to sneak in sans fanfare over the weekend. On the fancier, smart-ier end, the unlocked Treo Pro and the red T-Mobile BlackBerry Flip 8220 will come in off the trucks on October 26th, and should be on the shelves the same day. A bunch of T-Mobile G1s will also be in that shipment but, for some crazy reason, they’ll keeping them in back until November 16th, nearly a full month after the (now sold out) pre-orders are fulfilled.

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