Send A Photo Of Yourself To Space For The Suspiciously Low Price of $2

Most of us will never go to space – at least, not for a decade or so. But while we may not be able to go on a space walk or bounce around in zero-G, the prospect of being able to send something into the Great Beyond sounds like a decent consolation. is hoping to make that happen for a mere $2.

The site is offering a deal that is reminiscent of the Million Dollar Homepage. You pay $2 for the rights to a 0.4×0.4 inch block on a piece of paper, on which you can include a photograph, piece of text, or logo. If you purchase more than 20 blocks at once, you’re eligible for a small discount. There are around 250,000 blocks available, which means IntoSpace could potentially earn around $500,000.

It sounds like a neat idea, especially for the ridiculously low price. Unfortunately, it seems that the site hasn’t really figured out the logistics of actually getting to space. There’s a tentative launch year of 2010, but it seems the site has yet to work out any further details:

The right to choose the company (space agency) which carries out space programs and the way of catalog delivery into space is due to the organizers of the project. Sending of the catalog into space is due to be realized within 2-year time frame after the last seat in the catalog is booked (excluding VIP and free invitation seats).

And, of course, the site reserves the right to change its terms at any time without any notification.

It could easily be a scam – it would be nearly impossible to ever verify that IntoSpace ever made good on its promise. But I can’t help but picture the site’s founder, Arthur Stubbs, triumphantly carrying his massive binder of photos as he boards one of the first consumer flights to leave for space.