AOL's Unhappy TVSquad Bloggers Stay, But Also Launch Competing Site

AOL’s budget cuts across the board have been well reported, but the bloggers were the most vocal about it (as bloggers tend to be).

Many bloggers have reportedly left. The group behind TVSquad is doing something a little different, though. They haven’t left, but much of the team has launched a directly competing blog called CliqueClack. The writers continue to punch the time clock at AOL, but my guess is their heart and soul is going into the new blog. The topical overlap is 100%.

Editor Joel Keller wrote a post on TVSquad today talking about the “evolution” of the blog, including coverage of less shows. He didn’t mention the new CliquClack site (where he also now works), but some readers noticed a press release on CliqueClack in their email, and the comments are full of thoughts on the dual blogs.

There’s nothing AOL can do to stop their bloggers from competing, but what will be interesting is if they keep the team on as well.