• Google Stock Falls $200 As Market Closes

    Apparently more than a few traders had heart palpitations today. As the market closed, Google’s share price appeared to fall apart, falling to $200 from an opening price of $396. At least that’s what the Nasdaq ticker showed. That was $62 billion in market cap that was zapped away in the last four minutes before the fiscal quarter ended and the markets closed, and it was… Read More

  • LateCrunch – the official Web 2.0 Expo Europe after-party in Berlin, by TechCrunch UK

    TechCrunch UK is throwing a networking party for European startups called “LateCrunch”, in conjunction with Web 2 Expo Berlin (21-23 October). The event will be on Thursday 23rd October, the last night of the Expo, and it’s going to be the official “after-party” for Web 2 Expo. It will start at 10pm and go until 5am. We want this to be a cool, fun event for people… Read More

  • YouTube Hot Spots Shows Publishers When Their Viewers Jump Ship

    YouTube has launched a new feature as part of its Insight tool for content creators that allows members to visually examine exactly where in their videos their viewers gain and lose interest. The new feature, called Hot Spots, displays the dropoff data in a dynamic graph that can be viewed alongside the original video. To determine which points in a video are “hot”, Hot Spots… Read More

  • RealNetworks goes to court to clear RealDVD's good name (before Hollywood destroys it)

    Today should be a happy day for Real, having just released RealDVD, the DVD-copying-for-the-masses Windows app. But now there’s lawsuits involved, and lawsuits make Baby Deity unhappy. RealNetworks has gone to court to get a judge to declare RealDVD A-OK. This comes after some saber-rattling by several Hollywood studios, several of which threatened RealNetworks over the sale of RealDVD. Read More

  • Adobe working on Flash for iPhone, but the ball is in Apple's court

    After a nearly endless stream of hearsay and rumors on the matter, Adobe has now gone on the record about Flash on the iPhone. During a presentation at the Flash on the Beach expo today in the UK, Adobe’s Senior Director of Engineering Paul Betlem mentioned that the Flash development team was actively working on a release for the iPhone, but due to the closed nature of the handset, the… Read More

  • Garmin drops new VHF marine radios

    You might want to consider adding these VHF radios to your economic apocalypse gear and as your going to need to communicate with your fishing buddies as you’re fleeing the Wall Street zombies. The two new models, the VHF 100 and VHF 200, both sport the classic Smokey the Bandit radio look, but are equipped with the latest radio tech. The entry level 100 model transmits via 25 watts… Read More

  • Flash Seems To Be Coming To The iPhone. But Is That A Good Thing?

    When the iPhone was first released, there was an abundance of speculation over whether the phone’s lack of Flash support would cripple its browser and give us something less than “the real web” that Apple had promised. At the time, Steve Jobs explained that the full version of Flash wouldn’t run well on the iPhone (the iPhone runs on an ARM11 chip, which doesn’t… Read More

  • SteelSeries reddens its headphone lineup

    Although one of the things that attracts me about SteelSeries is its understated design aesthetic, this new cherry-red version of their Siberia headset is actually quite fetching. Anything but black, please. If you’re looking for a new pair of cans, look for some in the upcoming flurry of reviews (including some SteelSeries stuff), but I can tell you right now that the Siberias are a… Read More

  • BabySpotLatino.com: "Latino Babies and Social Networking Unaffected by Financial Markets"

    With one of the most fascinating PR headlines I’ve seen this year we find ourselves smack in the middle of the perfect Web 2.0 storm: Latinos, babies, and social networks. Introducing Babyspot Latino, a social network for parents of Latino babies or babies of Latino parents. Add in the words “Twitter” and “API” and you’ve got a grand slam. Don’t get… Read More

  • Poll: If Apple's next big thing turns out to be a DVR, will you buy it?

    There is murmuring around the Internet watercoolers that Apple’s next product announcement isn’t a new MacBook Pro, but rather some sort of DVR/Apple TV thingie. Supposedly, this product is going to have all the classic DVR ingredients with some iChat video conferencing thrown in probably powered by Apple’s DVR interface patents. The question isn’t what the next… Read More

  • Now You Can Buy Computers Pre-Loaded With Movies

    In a move that could start a new wave in PC sales, Dell and Paramount Pictures today announced that they have signed a joint venture that will see “Iron Man” come pre-loaded on Dell computers for anyone who wishes to order the unit. So far, the details of the deal are a bit disappointing. Paramount is the only studio that has signed on and “Iron Man” is the only film… Read More

  • Apple in legal hot water in Norway because of iTunes DRM

    Apple is facing quite the legal challenge in Norway because you can’t play DRM’d, iTunes-purchased songs on devices other than the iPod. The law in Norway is such that, here, consumers have the right to play music on any device of their choosing. Since Apple’s DRM prevents this from happening, it’s being dragged into court. It has until November 3 to respond to the… Read More

  • 10 gadgets to help you survive the coming economic apocalypse

    With the $700 billion bail out on hold and banks dropping like flies, it seems this economic apocalypse will come in – and out – with a bang and not a depression. To that end we’ve decided to scour our mind-holes for gear that will help you survive the coming economic catastrophe. While we can’t promise that there will be zombies during this international economic… Read More

  • RealDVD now available for download: Dead simple DVD copying, but with odd DRM

    Those of you in the market to buy bridges for a $1, you should probably know that Real’s RealDVD is now available for download. A quick primer on what RealDVD actually does: the $30 Windows-only program essentially makes a 1:1 copy of a DVD, with the resultant file playable only within RealDVD. (You can’t play the file in VLC, nor can you burn the file and have it play on a… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Proporta is on the Facebook and is giving you 10% off!

    Proporta, maker of iPod and other cases, is offering a discount to their favoritest Facebook friends on the Facebook. Do you have a profile? Then add Proporta and get 10% and keep up to date on the latest Alu-Crystal cases for the Nokia N95. I mean you don’t have to do it since I posted the screenshot above but these guys are actually nice and I’d recommend popping over to see… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Sony presents razor-thin OLED display

    Sony caused a worlwide sensation at last year’s CEATEC by introducing the XEL-1 during the event, its mini OLED TV, which boasts a thickness of just 3 mm (1.4 mm at its thinnest part). This year, the general public gets to see a OLED display that is just 0.3 mm at its thinnest part (otherwise, the 11-inch screen is technically identical to the XEL-1). In the US, Sony showcased the… Read More

  • Western Digital drops ShareSpace NAS into small office and geek's bedrooms

    Western Digital just announced the ShareSpace, a network-attached storage solution aimed at the home or small biz user. The 2 or 4 Terabyte NAS hooks up like every other NAS on the market through a gigabit connection and serves up your wares throughout the network. A front USB port allows users to dump other USB-based drives into the massive RAID array with just a touch of a button. Read More

  • Targus discovers Macs and puts out a whole line of accessories

    Hey Targus! Welcome to the Macintosh party. It’s nice here and full of well designed products that just work. Anyway, Targus’ new line includes two new wireless mice, a USB hub, wireless presenter, USB file transfer device, privacy screen and finally, a cool mat. The mice are up for pre-order with the 2.4GHz model going for $50 and the Bluetooth-powered for $70. The wireless… Read More

  • Samsung and Verizon announce the SCH-u430

    If it feels like you’ve seen the u430 before, it’s because you probably have. You’ve seen them at parties, on co-workers desks at work, and in the hands of the soccer mom in front of you in line at the store. Well, not this exact model, but ones just like it. The u430 is yet another flip-and-forget-it phone. Seeing as it wont cost you a cent out the door, you… Read More

  • Mitsubishi intros commercial & educational flagship FL6900U projector

    Not all projectors are created equal and Mitsubishi’s latest projector is geared for the non-theater crowd with the high-brightness 1080p 3LCD FL6900U. This new projector can throw 4000 lumens for a bright picture in a room plagued with ambient light. It has the standard high-end fare of projector gear including RS-232 inputs, RJ-45, remote control horizontal and vertical lens shift… Read More

  • For AOL And Yahoo, Will Opening Up Their Portals Be Enough?

    Earlier this month both AOL and Yahoo redesigned their home pages to include more links to outside services. The new AOL homepage features prominent links to Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail, as well as to bookmarks leading elsewhere, and integration with Facebook and MySpace. Yahoo’s new home page, which it is still bucket testing selectively, also includes more directlinkstoother… Read More

  • Fujifilm's new CCD may be just crazy enough to work

    Fujifilm has shown (will show, rather, if this technique works) that there’s still a lot of play on the lowest levels of sensor design. With all the new facilities cameras enjoy such as face detection and touchscreen interfaces, it’s easy to forget that we haven’t peaked in terms of the underlying technology, in many cases CCDs. The way photodiode arrays are laid out seems… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Hitachi showcases superthin LCD TV

    At CEATEC 2008, Hitachi is displaying a full HD LCD TV whose thinnest part is just 15mm thick. The 37-inch screen is the successor model of a 32-inch TV (thickness: 19mm) the company showcased at last year’s exhibition. At this point, the new TV with a response time of 6ms and a color reproduction range standing at 152% of the HDTV specifications is just a prototype (as are many… Read More

  • Sony launches the new all-in-one JS1 PC

    Sony is giving the all-in-one PC concept the ‘ol college try with yet another series: the JS1. The 20.1-inch widescreen LCD should show off Vista’s eye candy or a Blu-ray disc nicely, while a Core 2 Duo, 3GB of memory and a 500GB hard drive provides the backbone for the PC. Sony really wants this all-in-one to provide entertainment while chilling on your Pottery Barn-style digs… Read More

  • Nokia Pilot product testing program goes live, registration opens

    If you’re a regular reader of MobileCrunch, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve got a bit of a thing for mobile. Maybe hardware leaks make your heart pitter-patter – or perhaps its the services that swoon you? Either way, Nokia wants to hear from you. Right as the sun cracked over the Western hills this morning, Nokia opened registration to their new Nokia Pilots… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Fujitsu's mobile phone breaks into 2 parts that can be used separately

    At CEATEC 2008, Fujitsu and NTT Docomo are showcasing a concept phone that can be split into two pieces, a screen and a keyboard segment. The so-called Separeeto Keitai, separate handset, is supposed to enable users to make a phone call and write emails at the same time. The parts are joined by a magnet and connected via Bluetooth. The touchscreen reacts to the way the users are holding it. Read More

  • Neat: Maraca accessories for Wii Samba de Amigo

    Samba de Amigo for the Wii is already pretty immersive (I guess that’s the word you’d use), but once you add these little plastic maraca things, oh man! Great Depression Party! A cool $15 will net you the accessory, which comes to us by way of Brando. You know, there’s a long line of these questionable Wii accessories, the first (to my knowledge) was those Wii Sports… Read More

  • AT&T planning BlackBerry Bold launch parties, complete with ultra cheesy videos

    For the sake of making sure employees are up to speed on the coming-any-day-now BlackBerry Bold (and likely as an excuse to booze and schmooze), AT&T is throwing a series of parties for employees in a few major cities around the country. The invite doesn’t shed any information we’re not already well aware of, but worthy of some note is the date of the final party: October 30th. Read More

  • Well Played: Come2Play Releases Open Source Multi-Player API for Casual Gaming

    As the concept of the “social graph” began to gain focus and attention, a buzz around the notion of multi-player social games began to grow as well. How cool would it be to play a game of pong between two users of a social network, right? And yet most multi-player games are limited to Chess, Checkers, and Poker. It’s not that there’s a shortage of companies… Read More

  • UK's MI6 loses digital camera filled with al-Qaeda info. Worse, it was sold on eBay

    Some clumsy Briton at MI6 has lost a Nikon digital camera that’s filled to the brim with all sorts of sensitive information, including info on al-Qaeda. What’s worse, not that losing the camera isn’t bad enough, but that it was sold on eBay. Yup, the missing Nikon is loaded with info on al-Qaeda, including names, finger prints and academic records. Oh, and the camera was sold… Read More