Sprint (finally) launches Xohm aka WiMAX network in Baltimore

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It’s real, ladies and germs. Sprint’s much anticipated and often thought vaporware service has finally gone live in Baltimore. The WiMAX service dubbed Xohm is 4G and boasts download speeds of 2-4 Mbps. Samsung is offering a Xohm-branded Express air card for $60 and ZyXEL has a Xohm modem for $80, which are both available starting today online or at select independent Baltimore retailers. You can, however, take advantage of the service right now if you own a Nokia N810 WiMAX edition tablet.

Pricing and plans vary with four different offerings. A daily pass will set you back $10 while home service is $25. $30 will get you a month of ‘on-the-go’ service and $50 will allow service to two different devices.

Oh, and it looks like Washington D.C. and Chicago are up next. Do we have any Baltimore residents in the audience?

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