Rumor: BlackBerry Bold will never, ever come to T-Mobile or is it?[Update]

If this is true then I’m going to kick someone’s ass. BBNews has word from a “high-level insider” that the Bold will never make its way to T-Mobile. Instead, T-Mo will focus on that craptacular looking clamshell Pearl 8220, which will supposedly support 6-way calling. I find no solace in knowing the Curve II will be hitting landing in November. None at all. I guess I’m switching carriers. Damn it, but I want an Android phone. Two carriers it is!

[Update]: Wait a second. I saw a Bold with T-Mobile branding last month when visiting with Slacker and this doesn’t necessarily mean the aforementioned rumor is debunked, but you never know. It does make me wonder why RIM didn’t provide the Slacker guys with an AT&T branded one instead of what could be construed as a European T-Mo Bold. Hmm.