ON Networks Announces Multi-Platform Video Distribution Deal

ON Networks

Through its digital AllScreen Syndication Network, ON Networks announced that it can now syndicate any show and accompanying advertisement across the United States and Europe by using its existing and new relationships with distribution partners.

ON Networks, which is backed by AT&T (and others) and specializes in creating better ways to create, distribute, and sponsor digital TV, will use its existing AllScreen partners, such as Verizon, iTunes, and TiVo and new partners like Buzzwire and Metacafe to offer viewers the programming they want wherever they are.

According to the company, viewers can now watch their favorite shows through partner sites on TV, online, mobile phones, and elsewhere. And with the addition of its latest partners, the company argues that ON Networks’ AllScreen Syndication Network has become one of the largest video distribution networks in the world.

More importantly from a business perspective, the ON Networks video network will deliver sponsored programs of any format to a guaranteed number of global viewers. The company has the ability to reach 100 million total viewers through all its partners with two-thirds of that group online and one-third offline. Show sponsors can then target a particular demographic, behavioral profile, geography, or particular format. The company also provides content creators with the ability to track audience engagement.

For those that want to capitalize on the AllScreen distribution network, ON Networks also announced that it’s opening the service up to any third-party who wants to distribute their content over the network in a “pay-per-guaranteed-view-model.” In essence, ON Networks will guarantee the number of people who will view the show and it will be paid based on that figure.