And the WickedLasers winner is…

scaled.IMG 5431

To recap, I ran a giveaway in my WickedLasers Elite review asking for folks to tell me how they’d use the laser. The response was tremendous and now we have a winner.

Knowing that the average guy can’t be trusted with a high-powered laser I was looking for someone who would actually use this thing for good, not evil. Phil came closest with his proposal:

I have a medium-size telescope on a motorized mount that I sometimes use to lead astronomy outings. I’d mount the laser on the telescope so that the people who aren’t looking through the eyepiece can see where the telescope is pointed. Then while they’re waiting for their turn they can at least get a big-picture view of exactly where that galaxy that they can’t see yet is located in the sky. And besides, kids would love the coolness factor that a laser brings to the whole experience!

Just don’t aim it at planes or birds, Phil. Have fun!