Mother 3 (Earthbound 2) fan translation nearly complete

When Mother 3 (which would be known as Earthbound 2 here in the states) was released for the GBA in Japan, fans clamored for details on when it would make its way across the Pacific. When it became clear the day would never come, the fans took it upon themselves to get the job done. The Japanese rom was ripped, and the work began.

After almost two years and a ton of dedication, the team behind the project has announced that all of the required hacking and translating has been completed. It’s not quite ready yet for general consumption quite yet, unfortunately – with all of the patching and tweaking required, they’ve got a few weeks of testing ahead of them before the release will be made public – but it’s closer than ever.

Expect the entirety of the ROM-loving, game playing geek community to drop off the map once this one’s released. I’ve already got a drawer full of beef jerky and Red Bulls ready for the big day.