Repurpose an Ikea door into a desk, save $100

Decided to outfit your place with Ikea stuff but still have to find a way to tighten up the budget? Have I got a deal for you. What you really need is a decent desk, right? Well, what is a desk but a flat surface on some legs? And if you’re too fancy to use a sheet of plywood and some sawhorses to do the job (the rustic look), you can piecemeal together a desk from one of these Ikea doors (or any cheap door, really) and a set of legs from a leftover desk or replacement parts.

Since a decent desk will probably run you upwards of $150, and you can get a door and some legs for probably $50 or $60, it may just be worth a try. And then you can name your new piece of furniture after yourself instead of it having a ridiculous Ikea name. [via Lifehacker]