Seesmic and Phreadz heads meet

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Word reaches me that Kosso from UK video messaging startup Phreadz met up with Seesmic’s ubiquitous CEO, Loic Le Meur this week in London, as the latter passed through on his way to Picnic in Amsterdam. The two platforms have a slight cross-over audience, but Seesmic, with $12 million in funding, is an altogether different beast to Phreadz, a one-man startup that isn’t even out of private alpha yet. Still, it will be interesting to see if anything comes of this encounter.

  • Kosso

    Ha! It was great to meet Loic ;)
    The funniest thing was us both recording eachother on our mobiles phones to send to our respective platforms – then racing to see who could get their post online first! ;)

    Me on Phreadz :
    Loic on Seesmic :

    Some thought that we might have created a social media black hole as our mobiles aligned! ;)


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