Leica S2 hands-on

Dan Havlik, our buddy and roving reporter for PDNGearGuide is on Cologne for Photokina where he got to handle the 37.5-megapixel Leica S2. This (potentially) $20,000 monstrosity has “one of the most beautifully designed cameras we’ve ever touched” and weather sealed for safety. The camera has an HDMI port but there is no live-view or video mode like this monster’s current competitors.

Dan also talks about the ISO and other specs in his piece and essentially makes me want to go sell a kidney. I shot Leica over the summer and, strangely enough, I’m sold. The glass is beautiful and even though focusing the M8 made me feel like Ansel Adam’s paralytic cousin it was still a thrill to be able to play with the camera, warts and all. I sort of see Leica as the Omega Speedmaster of cameras – the purists may scoff but there’s a lot of history behind the glass.