Spin the Beer Wheel, win a prize (beer + knowledge)


People who are really into wine get cool sounding titles like “Sommelier” and “wine enthusiast” while people who really love beer are often just called “fat” and/or “drunk”. Unfair though it may be, I happily plop myself into the latter category of beer lovers. So for the beer lover who’s got it all, here’s the $8.99 Beer Wheel — a drinking gadget, if you will. Ooh, and it’s edumacational, too.

It’s actually probably a better gift for people just getting into beer, as it’s got all the pertinent info about all the wonderful beers of the world. You’ll learn about lagers, ales, bocks, pilsners, stouts, and more. Plus the more you drink, the more fun it is to spin the wheel. I’d keep the fridge loaded with beers of each type, spin the wheel, then drink the type of beer it landed on. Then you could learn about your beer as you’re tasting it. There’s a bar near my place that has a beer wheel, although you don’t really learn about the beer. You just give them money and spin the wheel.

Beer Wheel [Organize.com via Uncrate]