EA facing class action lawsuit over Spore DRM


And now Electronic Arts has a class action lawsuit on its hands. Hell hath no fury like Spore fans scorned.

The publisher is accused of violating two laws relating to the game’s DRM. The suit claims that EA installs SecuROM without notifying consumers. Then the suit lists SecuROM’s crimes, including the fact that it’s damn near impossible to uninstall. It also claims that SecuROM hijacks a PC’s resources in order to phone home, telling EA all about your system.

The suit, which was filed in California, asks for rewards of $49.95 per class action participant, plus damages.

You’d think that publishers would find something other than SecuROM to protect its games. Maybe that’s a business opportunity, create a DRM scheme that’s not a complete pain in the ass for legitimate users? (No DRM whatsoever notwithstanding.) Any VC money in the house?