KickApps Launches Drag-and-Drop Advertising Service


KickApps, a company that provides on-demand social media applications that enable web publishers to monetize online audiences announced today that it’s trying to make it easier for website owners to add video advertising to their own videos and websites using the KickApps Widget & Video Player Studio.

Using drag-and-drop, KickApps’ clients can add translucent overlay, interstititial, and pre- and post-roll advertising to any of their videos running on KickApps’ video players with the help of a mouse. The company also announced that along with its drag-and-drop feature, it now supports integration with Google AdSense for Video, Scanscout,, and 24/7 Real Media. So far, it doesn’t support DoubleClick’s DART, but the company promised that it will be made available over the next few weeks.

In order to use the KickApps’ Widget and Video Player Studio, web publishers need to buy out ad inventory based on a set CPM rate. In return, the publishers can then place the KickApps advertising modules onto their sites on-the-fly.

The KickApps Widget & Video Player Studio is available now for any publisher that signs up for the service.