Trion Closes A Whopping $70 Million In Series C Funding

Trion World Network

Trion World Network, an online games developer, announced today that it raised $70 million in Series C funding. Peacock Equity, the joint venture between GE Commercial Finance’s Media, Communications & Entertainment business and NBC Universal, which was a B-round investor, was one of the investors in the company’s C round, but it was led by “a large global financial institution” and Act II Capital.

The fact that Trion was able to raise $70 million speaks to the popularity of gaming, which is quickly becoming a real competitor to Hollywood. But what sets Trion apart is that all its games are server-based. In other words, all the gameplay, characters, and interactions between players are kept on Trion’s servers, which allows the company to remodel less-played portions of the game or add more content on-the-fly. Consumers who want to play the company’s games need a few simple downloads to get the company’s games running on their computers.

Speaking of games, Trion is currently working on its first MMORPG with NBC Universal’s Sci-Fi channel. It’s also developing a fantasy MMORPG with well-known game designer, Jon Van Caneghem. The company didn’t offer any more details about storyline or availability, but if investors are willing to spend $70 million on the hopeful success of two games, they obviously think Trion is on to something with the titles.