Scarlet and RED Epic getting total reboot

What the hell?! I think Jim Jannard took some peyote at Photokina and brought his laptop. He’s posted on the forums saying everything’s going pineapples for Scarlet and RED Epic.

We have changed everything about Scarlet because the market has changed and we have discovered a lot of things in the process. We have a new vision.
Wipe you minds of the past announced Scarlet. Forget the design and forget the price. It is all different now. We think you will be surprised. Glad we didn’t take any deposits… :-)

Just like Scarlet, Epic has changed completely. Throw out everything you thought before. We’ll reset the deck at the same time we announce about Scarlet.
All good here. No bad news at all. Only good surprises. Still early-mid 2009. RED ONE upgrade still in effect.
And yes, it will still be called RED EPIC.

Give me a break! Doesn’t he sound like he’s drugged, though?