New pics of Panasonic's G1 DSLR-like camera

Some official shots of the hot new G1 micro four-thirds camera have emerged. This is one of several new cameras that promise DSLR-like versatility with a smaller and lighter size. I’m not sure I trust electronic shutters well enough to make one of these my primary camera, but I doubt so many people would be rushing to release one at once if the technology wasn’t at least sound. There are more specs at the link Then, of course, there’s RED to think of, which may be one-upping everybody in a year or so.

At any rate, there are some nice pictures of the camera itself (cherry red, how vulgar) and some racecars and ladies. And some guy who looks deep in thought. The pics look nice but what are we supposed to take away from 640×480 shots? It’s impossible to check for noise, chromatic aberration, distortion, blending and so on. Maybe that’s the point.