Letseat.at Makes It Easy For Restaurants to Serve Up Their Own Websites


Sometimes the same old restaurants get old and you want to find something new. It’s easy to do some research in big cities with the help of CitySearch and Yelp, and even easier to find websites for larger restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory to help you figure out if the food selection is what you’re looking for. But what about those smaller, family-owned restaurants that get lost in the shuffle because they don’t have a website?Now there is a solution for them: Letseat.at.

Letseat.at is a free online website builder for the restaurant industry that doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML or code. After registering with the site, restaurant owners can create and maintain their restaurant’s website with the help of a simple admin console. And although all this is possible with other free services like WordPress or Blogger, what makes letseat.at special is what it does specifically for the restaurant owner.

Aside from the ability to customize the page to their liking, restaurant owners can use Letseat.at to generate printable coupons, upload menus that can be tied to an RSS feed giving daily specials, and choose from a few dozen website themes to get the site up and running as quickly as possible.

Each restaurant website is parked on Letseat.at’s servers and can be accessed by surfing to Letseat.at/Restaurantname.

The main issue facing Letseat.at is the stiff competition. The space is rife with review services like CitySearch, Yelp, and Kudzu, which let users tell others about their experiences at various restaurants in the area, and sites like menupages.com and crazymenu.com make it easy for patrons to find restaurant menus regardless of website availability. As if that’s not enough competition, restaurants can still make their own websites for free with help from WordPress and Blogger (to name just a few) and it’ll be difficult for Letseat.at to gain traction unless it can gain access to those restaurant owners who want an online presence in the cheapest and quickest way possible.

Rather than simply allow restaurants to build one-off sites, Letseat.at eventually should also offer hungry consumers a single place to search across all of the restaurant sites on its platform.

Letseat.at is currently in public beta and is its doors are open for restaurant owners to try out the site.