CBS Launches Eyemobile for iPhone to Target Citizen Journalists

CBS Eye mobile

CBS on Monday announced that Eyemobile for iPhone is available now in the iTunes App store for those users that want to submit photo and video content to the company’s new citizen journalism site,

Eyemobile for iPhone lets users upload content from their iPhones and view what others are uploading while on-the-go. If they so choose, users can comment on the uploads, as well.

CBS Eyemobile is a direct competitor to similar services already offered from cable networks. CNN has enjoyed some success with its iReport service and Fox News employs UReport for those looking to make a statement and report on the important issues of the day. The Associated Press also has a similar iPhone app which allows citizen journalists to submit photo sand text commentary on breaking events. And with services like IAMNEWS cropping up, citizen journalism is making progress as a way for traditional news outlets to expand their content and let the average person have a say in what’s being covered.

The CBS Eyemobile app is free to download and available now.