LHC shut down for two months

The world-destroying LHC has been shutdown after a large helium leak on Friday. The two-month hiatus isn’t just to fix the leak, but rather raise the selections temperature from near absolute zero to human survivable temps. Doesn’t this call into question the safety and reliability of the multi-billion dollar project though. The LHC fired up on September 10 for its first experiments and then was quickly shut down due to a faulty transformer a few hours later; now this? Maybe the soothsayers were right and this 25-year project in the making isn’t meant to find the god particle. I’m not saying I want to utter, “told ya so” after there is gaping black-hole where the Alps used to be, but what else can go wrong? At least we have two months before they fire up the Death Star beam again. 

Sciam; image via Dvice